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Accelerometer Detector

  • It is a more advanced perimeter intrusion detection system and can be installed in various sites. And it is an accelerometer system that can be installed and applied not only to the outer fence and underwater but also to the wall and safe etc.
  • The status of individual electronic sensors is analyzed by each Zone Processor in real-time monitoring. It detects the change of each sensor by comparing with the adjacent sensor.
  • It detects the change when the surrounding barrier is cut, ridden or attempted to pass, and sounds an alarm. It also detects multiple points at the same time.
  • The advanced signal processing process can detect high level of detection possibility. And it can distinguish the vibration that malfunctions due to wrong alarm from cable vibration and wind etc.
  • It consists of 250 sensor lines in each of two zones controlled by the processor equipment.
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Division Focus Content
Sensor Range Minimum intrusion detection range can be set to 1m
Detection Range Detection of intrusion from shock, cutting, vibration, etc. (multiple points can be detected at the same time)
Emplacement It can be installed and detected in any terrain or ground including fence and underwater (various fences such as wall, safe, grate, underwater)
Device Compatibility It outputs 4 alarm signals(Relay) for each ‘Cabinet 250 Sensor’ when an alarm occurs and interlocks with camera and peripheral equipment
Life Span Permanently available (excluding breakage)
Operation S / W Alarm occurrence, display the text of the alarm location, map linkage and map popup, sensitivity control per sensor, manual in Korean
Installation And Maintenance Easy installation and construction due to integrated sensor and cable. low cost of maintenance due to partial replacement when the sensor breaks and the cable is cut