The iris recognition system can be applied to any security business that requires a system for identity verification or identity recognition.

    Characteristics of iris

  • Persistence: The iris pattern of the comb-like pattern is formed in infancy, and it does not change for a lifetime.
  • Individuality : Unique pattern of iris is formed irrespective of genetic information. The iris patterns on the left and right eyes in the same person are completely different, and even in the case of identical twins, completely different iris patterns are formed.
  • Uniqueness: The iris's unique pattern is much more diverse than the fingerprint or retina, and the probability that other people have the same iris pattern is about 1/1078, which is close to zero probability.
  • Stability: The iris recognition method is non-contact type and is very hygienic and stable compared to other recognition methods (using keypad/fingerprint, other contact type).
  • CIR-100

It is an iris recognition terminal that can register and inquire both eyes quickly and accurately.
Iris recognition technology can be applied to applications in a non-contact way.
It reflects various needs of users in conjunction with the RF card and can be used conveniently by guiding the LCD screen of the product.